Life is short. Kids grow too fast and family members leave us. What we have left are memories. Documentary sessions put me in the roll of your family historian, capturing genuine, everyday moments that your family can cherish forever. I specialize in documentary-style photography, or story-telling. A picture that will remind you not only of what your life looked like, but what it felt like. The seemingly mundane moments that suddenly became memories. I'd love to collaborate with you to tell the stories unfolding in your own family.

See what our clients are saying...

"We were so lucky to have Danielle photograph our son's birth! Not only is she extremely talented, she is professional, funny, kind, and will make you feel completely at ease about getting your most intimate moments photographed. I love that she didn't just take a bunch of photos, but actually told our story through them. I can't thank her enough for giving us photos we can look back on for years to come!"

"I cannot thank Danielle enough for freezing the most cherished moments of our life in time. She is truly a pleasure to work with, and her kindness is immeasurable."

"Danielle's images exceeded my expectations and I am forever thankful for her tremendous photography! Every single image is breathtaking and captured every emotion possible in that time. Not only that, but her photos are executed artistically and are far from ordinary. To this day, I look back on my photos and it's as if I am there in that moment all over again."