Life is short. Kids grow too fast and family members leave us. What we have left is memories. These sessions document your family's everyday life in your home and on your daily outings, so you can cherish them for years to come. There will be good moments, tender moments, hilarious moments, tantrums and I'm going to capture it all. This is not a traditional "everybody say cheese" posed family session, but rather aims to capture your family as it truly is in that moment. A planned activity is recommended for these sessions, as it helps everyone have a great time and forget about the camera.

In-home sessions are most popular, but outdoor sessions are great too! A few examples of activities we could incorporate into your session: a walk through your village, family fun at the local castle, crafts, a picnic at the park, a birthday party, taking the dog for a walk, eating Eis at the local ice cream shop, baking holiday cookies, or a day spent at home with the family.

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