I'm Danielle, a self-taught artist who has been wielding a camera for the last 6 years. While attending college to be a L&D nurse, life took me in a different direction and I became a photographer instead.

I specialize in photo-journalistic photography, or story-telling. A picture that will remind you not only of what your life looked like, but what it felt like. The seemingly mundane moments that suddenly became memories. Practically speaking, this means that I photograph events such as:

  • Families in labor and birth

  • Families learning the new "normal routine" with a newborn

  • Families in their home or favorite place, doing ordinary things together

  • Families being reunited after several months apart

This type of photography has been so life-giving for me as an artist. I am confident that I'm giving my clients something truly beautiful, valuable, and heartfelt. I'd love to collaborate with you to tell the stories unfolding in your own family.

A few tidbits about me, since photographers are real people too!

  • I love traveling when I'm not on-call!

  • My husband and I have a golden retriever/chow mix that we rescued over 10 years ago from the shelter. He looks like a lion... or a 50 pound Pomeranian. You decide.

  • I'm also a hobbyist henna artist! I love doing floral henna bellies.

  • Ethnic food is a sure way to get into my heart. Indian, Ethiopian, Korean... anything and everything.