Giving birth is arguably the most important day of your life, dare I say even more momentous than your wedding day? This is something that only happens once and is something you never want to forget. In the haze of excitement and nerves, these moments are often forgotten or missed. Your partner wiping the sweat off of your forehead in between each contraction. The moment you first laid eyes on this little soul you just brought into the world. Hiring a professional birth photographer allows all the big and little moments from your baby's arrival to be captured and fawned over for years to come.

Included in every birth session:
-Pre-Birth in-person Consultation
-Photographer on-call 24/7 surrounding your due date
-Unlimited photography coverage during Active Labor through 1-2 hours postpartum
-Social media announcement within 24 hours of birth (with signed model release)
-A print release