Birth Nora | Kaiserslautern Birth Photographer

I often tell my clients that you're not just a client, you're my friend. Julie was no exception. Her and I have blossomed a beautiful relationship over the course of her pregnancy and I was so excited when she hired me to photograph her entire journey into Motherhood. We had been keeping in close touch the weeks leading up to her due date, on her due date, and past her due date. The night she called me I couldn't have been happier! I met her at the hospital when she was in Active Labor, and shortly after she progressed into the transition stage. Her progression halted at 8cm and lingered on for several hours. If you've never given birth before, the transition phase is unbearably painful. She tried everything she knew to continue progressing, but had no luck. We all began feeling quite discouraged at this point. A wonderful nurse (we'll call her E) well versed in natural birthing techniques began her shift and gave some helpful suggestions to move labor along. They worked like a charm! After over 10 hours of natural labor, it was finally time to bring this baby into the world. Julie persevered through 2.5 hours of pushing before baby Nora arrived at 10:48am. It was such an emotional experience for me and for them! The midwife and nurse staff were such a pleasure to work with and I'm so glad they helped Julie have the natural birth she had hoped for. Congratulations mom and dad and welcome to the world baby Nora, you are so loved!