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I've known Cindy since we were both stationed in Korea together, but never had the opportunity to photograph her family. When she became pregnant with her third child, she reached out and asked if I would take newborn photos for her. She told me she didn't want the usual lifestyle newborn photos this time, but asked if I could do documentary instead (a "Day in the Life" if you will). To which I replied, "Heck YES!" Not sure what the difference is? Let me explain!

Lifestyle Photography: The photographer will be involved. They may help guide the subjects into poses that photograph well and may tidy up or set the scene to look the best in photographs. They may also direct the subjects in what to do, where to go, or give prompts to help create emotion or personal connection.

Documentary Photography: During a documentary session, the photographer will not be in involved. They will photograph your session as a "fly on the wall". They will not intervene with the subjects, the scene, or with the events unfolding (or very minimally so). They will only photograph real life as it happens.

It's not often I get specific requests for documentary sessions, but let me tell you: I LOVE THEM! I love Day in the Life sessions, homecomings, and obviously births. These photographs are real. It's the moments you'll want to remember 50 years from now.

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