Motherhood. It flips your world upside down in the most magical way. Who ever knew you could love and be loved this much? Emotions swing between joy and uncertainty, contentment and anxiety, laughter and tears. You spend nine months getting ready to meet this little soul that you created, and you'll spend even longer reflecting back on this milestone. The way your partner leans over to rub your growing belly. The moment you first laid eyes on this little soul you just brought into the world. The teensie feet that fit ever-so-perfectly in the palm of your hand as you breastfeed. Preserve those fleeting moments by documenting your entire journey through pregnancy and into Motherhood.

Our Motherhood packages are all-inclusive and include a Maternity session, Birth or Fresh48 session, and an in-home Newborn lifestyle session. This package is my absolute favorite and where my heart and soul thrive. Being able to build a relationship over the course of your pregnancy allows me to document your journey through Motherhood in a way that is unique to your birth story. You might start off as a client, but you'll leave as a friend.



Birth & Motherhood Packages require 50% payment at booking and MUST be paid in full no later than 36 weeks gestation. WE OFFER PAYMENT PLANS.
All prices are in USD (or Euro equivalent). Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply for weekend sessions or large groups. Travel expenses not included.