Bavaria on Film | Ramstein Photographer

Since this is our last summer here in Germany, my sister and her boyfriend decided to come for a visit! We took a day trip to Brugge, Belgium, a day trip to Amsterdam, as well as several day trips to castles here in the local area. The highlight of their trip though was our road trip down to the Bavarian region of Germany. Tony and I hadn’t been and let me tell you, I LOVE it down there! It’s exactly what you imagine when you think of Germany. The food is so delicious, trappist beers galore, friendly people, and amazing hiking that’s comparable to Switzerland (but cheaper!). We stopped at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle on the way there and it did not disappoint! Our Airbnb apartment was located in Oberammergau and I would definitely recommend staying there. It’s far enough away from the Zugspitze tourists but the drive isn’t bad at all. Make reservations at Maxbrau for dinner, the food is amazing and they brew their own beer! Oberammergau is also located by Linderhof Palace, which I would HIGHLY recommend visiting and taking an inside tour. Linderhof Palace was one of the homes of Kind Ludwig II, and the inside is literally the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t even describe the attention to detail and the interior decorating!

Little did my sister know that Brody and I had been planning her proposal for the few months leading up to the trip. What better time or place to be proposed to than at the top of the Alpspitze?! The views were amazing and I was definitely crying. I’m so happy that my sister found such an amazing, sweet guy to spend the rest of her life with, and I’m so honored that he asked me to photograph it! Thank you both so much for being there for us during those rough times, we love you so much. And CONGRATS!

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