London Part II on Film | Dallas Texas Photographer


"Weren't you just in London?" Yes, yes I was. Mostly for work though, so I missed a lot of things I wanted to see. Plus traveling with your partner is so much fun, I wanted him to experience the same things I did when I was in London! We ended up buying a London Pass so we could do the London Eye, a river boat cruise, go up the Tower Bridge; being able to skip the lines alone was worth the money! We also may or may not have snuck into a tour of the Tower of London, but I'm glad we did because we learned a lot of interesting history stuffs!

Our first morning was spent wandering around Brick Lane. We originally wanted to go to Brick Lane Bagels, but ended up going to the place just next door to it for a salt beef bagel. This was Tony's favorite. We also stopped by a place called the "Cereal Killer Cafe", where you can make all these crazy cereal concoctions, have hot cocoa with only Lucky Charms marshmallows, etc. We ended up sharing the "Did I tell you I was vegan?" bowl which had some of Tony's favorite things: crushed oreas, Reece peanut butter puffs, and soy milk. Super fun little hole in the wall, it was really neat seeing cereals from our childhood.

We also did Buckingham palace, which honestly was overrated. The crowds there are insane, you can't really see anything unless you get there 2 hours before the changing of the guards starts.

We spent one day at one of my favorite places: Camden Market. It's food heaven, y'all. Fried chicken sandwiches, Chinese food, vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches, burgers, and my favorite thing of all: Halloumi cheese fries from Oli Baba's. They're basically these magical fried strips of Halloumi cheese, topped with pomegranate seeds, Za'tar yogurt sauce, pomegranate molasses, chili flakes, and fresh mint. Sweet mother of dog they were good and by far my favorite thing we ate in London. 

If you are foodies like us or just like to shop unique items, Spitalfields Market is another must-see. Coincidentally it was less than 5 minutes from our Airbnb. Ok maybe not coincidence, I definitely planned this. Delicious pulled pork sandwiches, and my favorite, INDIAN FOOD. The things I would do for a good curry. This market also has one of my favorite cupcake stands. They serve a vegan (just trust me on this one) coconut strawberry cupcake that is legit to die for. We both enjoyed it so much that we went and got a few more. There's also a really cute knick-knack shop there called Inspitalfields, along with rows and rows of vendors selling some fun items and cute clothing! When you get tired of eating and shopping, there are a few sit-down restaurants where you can enjoy a cold pint or glass of wine. There's also a really awesome self-service wine bar there called Vagabond, where you can load up a pre-paid card with money and sample/drink as many wines as you want. Rows and rows of wines, you just slide your pre-paid card into the slot, push the sample/small/large button, and drink. SO MUCH YES. Also recommend the Charcuterie platter. Delish.

Anyway, the rest of the time we just wandered around London as the locals would do, stopping at pubs for a drink, some fish and chips, what have you. It's such a fun, hip city! Have you been? If not, definitely add it to your bucket list!

Photos taken on Canon EOS 1V with 50L lens, with Fuji 400H film rated at 200. Photos developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab in Spain.