Here's what to expect from a Birth Session with me:

I'd love to talk to you on Skype, in-person, or over the phone. I will be documenting an intimate time in your life, and I want to make sure that you are comfortable with me. I may also have a few questions to ask you in regards to your vision, birth plan, due date, and other key pieces of information.

You'll sign a contract and pay the Booking Fee to hold your spot. This will ensure my availability surrounding your due date. The remaining payment is due at 36 weeks gestation.

You will text or call me when you think you might be in labor. This way I have a heads up and can prepare myself to be there as soon as you head to the hospital or are in Active Labor. Even if it's a false alarm, even if it's at 3 in the morning, PLEASE CALL ME. Births are extremely unpredictable and I need ample time to get my belongings and rush to your home or birthing facility.

Keep me updated. How many centimeters dilated are you? How far apart are your contractions? Are you heading to the hospital? Have my number on speed dial so you or your birth support can keep in contact with me if need be. Open communication during this time is very important, and can result in me missing the birth if I'm not kept in the loop of what is going on. 

You will be tired. You will be in pain. Maybe even hungry. Your body is preparing for the miracle of child birth. It's okay to scream, yell, and cry. I'm not easily "grossed out" and have seen many things when it comes to births. There's no need to be uncomfortable around me. If you need a hand to hold or just a glass of water, I'm here for you. 

Be you. There's no need for you to shave, wear make-up, or straighten your hair. You are getting ready to deliver a child into the world, and nothing is more beautiful than seeing your child's face for the very first time. You might be thinking these kinds of things during booking, but once you are in the moment you won't even care. These pictures are meant as keepsakes for you and your kids; they will not care how you looked in their childhood pictures (or in real life). However, if you do want a cute maternity robe to wear while in the hospital for during or after birth you are more than welcome to buy one!

I may show up in sweatpants and bed head. Arriving to your birth in time is my first priority, so my appearances may take a back seat. 

I may talk to you every now and then. This is based on the relationship that you and I have built prior to your birth, and is why a Pre-Session consultation is so important. If you'd like to talk to me during your labor and delivery, or need an additional support system, I'm 100% here for you. If you'd prefer not to interact with me, that's okay too and I'm happy to be a fly-on-the-wall. 

Don't mind me! I might be climbing on chairs or getting up close and personal with my camera. You just concentrate on delivering safely. During the actual delivery, I will likely position myself near your shoulders, behind you, or by your feet. I will not take shots your lady parts or during crowning unless you have requested them.

There may be gaps of time when I don't take pictures. This means I've already taken some great shots of the scene and am now waiting for a moment to happen. I might also be watching or listening for clues about what would be important to document. 

I will stay up to two hours after delivery. I typically stay up to two hours after delivery. Enough time for you to get cleaned up, for your partner to hold your baby for the first time, and sometimes through the first feeding. I will quietly see myself out and head home, probably sleep a little, and get right to editing or ordering your product.

You can expect a birth announcement on social media within 24-48 hours. As long as you've given me permission and signed a model release, I will post (on my business page) one or two photos for you to share with friends and family. Three weeks after your session, you will receive the link to your online gallery where you can download your images. This online gallery is valid for 14 days and you can share the link with your friends and family! If you love your images, be sure to tell your friends and family about us!

We are done! Until next time. 

Ready to book? Still have questions? Contact me!