Garver Family | Kaiserslautern Family Photographer

I can't believe baby Nora is almost three months already. I feel like just yesterday I was at the hospital photographing her arrival! I will say her facial expressions get better and better every time I see her. Here's a preview from the Garver's family session last night at Kusel! Lichtenberg Castle is breathtakingly beautiful in the fall and always ends up being one of my most requested locations this time of year!

Alissa & Tyler | Kaiserslautern Engagement Photographer

Here's a preview from these two love birds session last night!

Ferrulli Family Preview | Ramstein Family Photographer

I love when my photography clients come back to me year after year. It's always so fun to see how they grow as a family; kids getting older, relationships getting stronger. I always get so excited when the Ferrulli family messages me for their annual photos, the love between them is so apparent. Here's a preview from their session last night at Lichtenberg Castle!

C Family Preview | Kaiserslautern Family Photographer

Little William is celebrating his first birthday soon so what better occasion for some family pictures! Here's a preview from their outdoor lifestyle session at Lichtenberg castle.

Maternity Ashley & Matt | Kaiserslautern Maternity Photographer

Baby O Preview | Kaiserslautern Birth Photographer

After 16 hours in labor, this sweet boy finally decided to make his grand entrance! Oliver was born at 06:40pm on September 17, 2017, weighing in at 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. Here's a preview from their birth story, welcome to the world baby O!

Andrea & Matt | Kaiserslautern Couples Photographer

Andrea found me in a photography editing group and asked if I would take some couples photos with her boyfriend when she came to visit here in Germany. I was so excited when I found out she's also a talented wedding photographer based out of Pennsylvania! We decided that a picturesque German castle would be the perfect place to photograph the love these two share with one another. Here's a preview from their session today:

Ashley & JJ Maternity | Kaiserslautern Maternity Photographer

Ashley hired me several months ago to document her entire journey into Motherhood, and I've been so patiently waiting for their first session with me! We had to reschedule a few times thanks to the rain, but it worked out because yesterday's weather was perfect. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE animals, so I was delighted to find out that their two puppers would be joining us for the session! I can't wait to meet their newest addition in a few weeks! Here's a preview from their session last night:

Emily & Ryan | Kaiserslautern Couples Photographer

It's the season of summer love! I'm having such a blast photographing so many couples this week. Here's a preview from Emily and Ryan's lifestyle sesh at Burg Lichtenberg. 

Couples Rachel & Evan | Kaiserslautern Couples Photographer

Last weekend my friend Abbey from Abbey Leigh Photography asked if I would teach her how to shoot with film. I've always loved mentoring so obviously I said yes! We set up an impromptu couples session with some of Abbey's friends and had a great time chasing that beautiful summer light! I forgot how much fun couples are to photograph!

Birth Nora | Kaiserslautern Birth Photographer

I often tell my clients that you're not just a client, you're my friend. Julie was no exception. Her and I have blossomed a beautiful relationship over the course of her pregnancy and I was so excited when she hired me to photograph her entire journey into Motherhood. We had been keeping in close touch the weeks leading up to her due date, on her due date, and past her due date. The night she called me I couldn't have been happier! I met her at the hospital when she was in Active Labor, and shortly after she progressed into the transition stage. Her progression halted at 8cm and lingered on for several hours. If you've never given birth before, the transition phase is unbearably painful. She tried everything she knew to continue progressing, but had no luck. We all began feeling quite discouraged at this point. A wonderful nurse (we'll call her E) well versed in natural birthing techniques began her shift and gave some helpful suggestions to move labor along. They worked like a charm! After over 10 hours of natural labor, it was finally time to bring this baby into the world. Julie persevered through 2.5 hours of pushing before baby Nora arrived at 10:48am. It was such an emotional experience for me and for them! The midwife and nurse staff were such a pleasure to work with and I'm so glad they helped Julie have the natural birth she had hoped for. Congratulations mom and dad and welcome to the world baby Nora, you are so loved!

Newborn Winter | Ramstein Newborn Photographer

You might remember this sweet family from last year when I photographed their pregnancy announcement at the world's cutest German cafe! Ah yes, it's all coming back to you now.. Well I'm happy to announce that this little bitty was born just a few weeks ago! It's always a pleasure photographing someone that I admire, Eva's blog and photos are always stunning. Anyway, enough babble, meet the newest addition to the family: Baby Winter!

Fresh 48 Baer | Ramstein Newborn Photographer

Being able to document someone's first pregnancy is one of my favorite things to do as a birth and family documentary photographer. The way your body changes and grows as you prepare for this little being inside of you. The way you change not only physically but mentally. It's no longer about you anymore, it's about him. The overwhelming joy you get when you lay eyes on that little thing that's been inside your belly for the last 10 months; that human that YOU created. He's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen! And don't forget the way he smells. I don't know if anyone has told you this before, but baby smell is intoxicating. Ok maybe everything is intoxicating. The way he cries out for the first time, his first yawn, or the first time he opens his eyes. Cherish those moments deeply, fiercely; our memories and photographs will be the only thing that's left when we're old and grey.

Newborn Baer | Kaiserslautern Newborn Photographer

I've had such an amazing opportunity here in Germany to document Samantha's journey through pregnancy and motherhood. It's always intimidating photographing another photographer, but we always have so much fun when we're together. Also, her home is what my dreams are made of?!  Anyway, enough babbling. Here's baby Baer's (his name is so German, I love it!) in-home newborn session. 

Day in the Life Batson | Kaiserslautern Family Photographer

Baking cookies, dancing, and jumping on the couch. What more could a kid ask for? I had the pleasure of photographing the Batson's "Day in the Life" before I left Korea. There's something so special about documenting your babies while they're still little. They're only ever this little once, you blink and they go from a toddler to a teenage. "Day in the Life" sessions freeze that moment in time so when you're wrinkly and your hair is grey, you can look back and remember how those seemingly ordinary moments, without warning, became memories. 

Day in the Life Smith | Ramstein Family Photographer

I was so excited when Eva (House of Smilla) approached me about documenting the announcement of her second baby. When she told me her vision I couldn't help but answer with a resounding YES! We had such a lovely time frolicking around downtown Kaiserslautern and I may or may not be brainstorming ideas already for her in-home maternity session this winter. 

Day in the Life Rogl | Kaiserslautern Family Photographer

I LOVE when other photographers ask me to take their own pictures. It's terrifying but also humbling to know that a fellow photographer likes your work enough to want to hire you. Jaime asked me to document some of their favorite things about Germany before they leave, which included evening walks through their beautiful little German village, lounging around their ADORABLE house, and frolicking in their German garments. You will be missed Rogl family!