Israel on Film | Dallas Texas Photographer

A good girls trip cleanses the soul! My good friend Stephanie and I took a trip to Tel Aviv last month to get away from the cold, gloomy weather here in Germany. It was just what we needed! Warm beaches, fresh hummus, sunshine, dog beaches and beautiful alleyways. Israel has been one of my favorite places to visit so far, so if you get the opportunity... GO!

On our first day there we took an awesome walking tour with Delicious Israel (it's extremely vegetarian/vegan friendly!) where we did a "Market Hop" food tour. The food in Israel is my absolute favorite so I highly recommend a food tour through this company. Crispy yet moist falafel, fresh squeezed fruit juice, and hummus were just a few of the many dishes we tried. Thanks for the tour Inbal and Mara, it was the highlight of our trip!

The next day we walked from our hotel (Sheraton, right on the beach!) along the beach, stopping for wine of course, to the nearby town of Jaffa. This ancient town is estimated to be about 3,500 years old, you might have even heard of it from some stories in the Bible. It's a beautiful town to just walk around and get lost, maybe stop for some Israeli wine and hummus.

We also did a full-day Israeli cooking class on Shabbat with another local company. I wouldn't recommend them though, so if Delicious Israel offers a cooking class I would try that one instead! We started the morning roaming through the Carmel marketing, grabbing fresh foods and snacks, then proceeded to go back to her home for a full day of cooking. We ate with her family at the end of the tour before heading back to Tel Aviv.

Photos taken on a Canon EOS 1V camera with a Canon 50L lens, on Fuji 400H film. Processed by Carmencita Film Lab in Spain.